Baro demonstrating how his two elder Hyungs always touch members’ cheeks and chins

Hello! :)) In that red haired jinyoung gifset, there's the first one, fencing. Do you have any links for this video pls?

hi!! orz i tried really hard and finally found it on yt! here is his match with lee joon (when he took off the mask at the end akldjöasdjfalöksdj) and here is his final match with jinwoon <3

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9/ All about Jung Jinyoung: Red hair

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hi dear can you edit your favorite gifs of jinyoung with red hair? or tell me if you tagged the era or something? thank you~

suuuuure and you re welcome! i actually wanted to make such a set for my all about jung jinyoung collection anyway~ (i m still waiting for him to go back to red because that color just looks so good on him (○´з`○) ) lemme look for some clips

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